New Releases For September 10, 2013

The Prog Collective

The Prog Collective - Epilogue

The prog rock supergroup whose debut became the surprise hit of 2012 returns with a brand new album featuring an even more impressive lineup of stellar musicians and artists lending their talents to this incredible project.

Features performances by mind blowing musicians Steve Stevens, Rick Wakeman, Steve Morse, Peter Banks (in his final appearance) as well as Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, plus members of Yes, Dream Theater, Nektar Asia, Gong and more.

Comes in deluxe digipak packaging.

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"Are We To Believe?"


  1. 1. Are We To Believe?
  2. 2. What Can Be Done?
  3. 3. Adding Fuel To The Fire
  4. 4. Tomorrow Becomes Today
  5. 5. Shining Diamonds
  6. 6. In Our Time
  7. 7. Memory Tracks
  8. 8. Just Another Day
  9. 9. Epilogue

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