New Releases For March 18, 2014

The Pretty Reckless
Going To Hell

The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell

'The Pretty Reckless are about to set fire to rock 'n' roll. The genre's been begging for an honest-to-goodness firestarter like Taylor Momsen for years now. The Pretty Reckless is rock 'n' roll that taps into true danger. Going To Hell. It's easily one of our most anticipated records of 2013.' -

'The audience... took every opportunity they could to sneak in a cell phone picture of the band's blonde starlet. The crowd peaked in energy during... the band's current single, 'Going to Hell.'' -

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"Heaven Knows"


  1. 1. Follow Me Down
  2. 2. Going To Hell
  3. 3. Heaven Knows
  4. 4. House On A Hill
  5. 5. Sweet Things
  6. 6. Dear Sister
  7. 7. Absolution
  8. 8. Blame Me
  9. 9. Burn
  10. 10. Why'd You Bring A Shotgun To The Party
  11. 11. Fucked Up World
  12. 12. Waiting For A Friend
  13. 13. Going To Hell (Live Acoustic)
  14. 14. Sweet Things (Acoustic)

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