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The Posies
Failure (Reissue)

The Posies - Failure (Reissue)

Originally released by the band on cassette, then issued on LP (with one track removed for the then-current time constraints), and later on CD, Failure set the independent music world on fire. Omnivore Recordings is proud to reissue this landmark album, complete with eight bonus tracks, including one available for the first time. This 2014 edition sees the original 12-track playlist restored and available on vinyl for the first time since its original issue. The LP (initial pressing on colored vinyl) also includes a download card for the entire CD program.

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"I May Hate You Sometimes"


  1. 1. Blind Eyes Open
  2. 2. The Longest Line
  3. 3. Under Easy
  4. 4. Like Me Too
  5. 5. I May Hate You Sometimes
  6. 6. Ironing Tuesdays
  7. 7. Paint Me
  8. 8. Believe In Something Other (Than Yourself)
  9. 9. Compliment?
  10. 10. At Least For Now
  11. 11. Uncombined
  12. 12. What Little Remains

  13. Bonus Tracks (On CD And LP Download Card):
  14. 13. Believe In Something Other (Than Yourself) (Live)
  15. 14. I May Hate You Sometimes (Demo)
  16. 15. Paint Me (Demo)
  17. 16. Like Me Too (Demo)
  18. 17. Alison Hubbard (Instrumental)
  19. 18. After Many A Summer Dies The Swan (Instrumental)
  20. 19. Blind Eyes Open (Instrumental Demo)
  21. 20. At Least For Now (Demo)*

  22. * Previously Unissued

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