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The Plimsouls
Beach Town Confidential

The Plimsouls - Beach Town Confidential

Previously unreleased 24-track recording featuring 6 songs not recorded anywhere else, plus 3 songs available live for the first time.

In the early '80s the combination of punk energy with a '60s pop styling was new, youthful and exciting, and the Plimsouls were the real deal.

Catch Peter Case (The Nerves/The Plimsouls) & Paul Collins (The Nerves/The Beat) on tour in the US.

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"A Million Miles Away"


  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Shaky City
  3. 3. Makin' Time
  4. 4. Zero Hour
  5. 5. Hobo
  6. 6. Who's Gonna Break The Ice?
  7. 7. Fall On You
  8. 8. Oldest Story In The World
  9. 9. Magic Touch
  10. 10. A Million Miles Away
  11. 11. Jump, Jive And Harmonize
  12. 12. Jumpin' In The Night
  13. 13. Now
  14. 14. How Long Will It Take?
  15. 15. In This Town
  16. 16. Price Of Love
  17. 17. You Can't Judge A Book

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 13
    Troy, NY, US The Plimsouls at The Hangar
  • Oct 27
    Brooklyn, NY, US The Plimsouls at El Cortez Safari Room
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