New Releases For June 19, 2012

The Overseer
We Search, We Dig

The Overseer - We Search, We Dig

Drawing inspiration from likeminded artists such as Thrice, Underoath, and As I Lay Dying, the Overseer delivers hard-hitting, uncompromising hard rock that belies the members' young age. This isn't 'cash in on the latest trend' music, it's 'sweat and tears' hard rock, with a little blood thrown in for good measure.

'I'd like to say that the music we write is more than just 'in the moment,'' says vocalist Anthony Rivera. 'We're looking to write something that stands the test of time, that people can look back on and still enjoy 10 years from now.'

The Overseer are living for the future, and it looks like a bright one indeed.

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  1. 1. Secrets
  2. 2. Dredge
  3. 3. Amend
  4. 4. Dreamer
  5. 5. Mendacious
  6. 6. Traitor
  7. 7. Vulture
  8. 8. Lost
  9. 9. Estrange
  10. 10. Absolve