New Releases For June 17, 2016

The Low Anthem

The Low Anthem - Eyeland

The Low Anthem are not only musical artists; they live their lives as art. This new release is the realization of a musical dream come to life in the form of songs and a soon to be developed play. Described as multi-dimensional, future folk, this is Eyeland.

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  1. 1. In Eyeland
  2. 2. Her Little Cosmos
  3. 3. The Pepsi Moon
  4. 4. Ozzie
  5. 5. Waved The Neon Seaweed
  6. 6. Behind The Airport Mirror
  7. 7. In The Air Hockey Fire
  8. 8. Wzgddrmtnwrdz
  9. 9. Am I The Dream Or Am I The Dreamer
  10. 10. Dream Killer
  11. 11. The Circular Ruins In Euphio