New Releases For September 25, 2012

The Lost Brothers
The Passing Of The Night

The Lost Brothers - The Passing Of The Night

On their new album, The Passing of the Night, the Lost Brothers honed in on their quest of song even more with the help of Brendan Benson and his gang of merry men. These are songs of desperation, songs of hope, of losing hope, songs to dance to, and songs to die to. Let the Lost Brothers take you on a journey through the passing of the night, and when dawn comes, you'll feel battered, bruised, defeated, rejected, and lost. But all the better for it.

On tour with Glen Hansard of the Swell Season.

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"Bird In A Cage"


  1. 1. Not Now Warden
  2. 2. Bird In A Cage
  3. 3. Send Me Off To Sleep
  4. 4. Far Side
  5. 5. Now That The Night Has Come
  6. 6. Widow Maker
  7. 7. Tumbling Line
  8. 8. Blinding Glow
  9. 9. Blue Moon In September
  10. 10. Hey Miss Fannie
  11. 11. Until The Morning

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 15
    Limavady, UK Stendhal Festival 2019
  • Mar 21
    Dublin, Ireland The Lost Brothers at Vicar Street
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