New Releases For August 20, 2013

The Krypton Monkeys

The Krypton Monkeys - Crush

The Cleveland, Ohio-based Krypton Monkeys have released their debut CD Crush. The album features ten tracks of melodic hard rock with a progressive spin. With a symphonic sound that puts meat on the bones of the songs, the Krypton Monkeys produce the kind of music that bands made 30 years ago that are still getting airplay today.

The band members include lead guitarist/vocalist Ron Redfield, keyboardist/vocalist John McLaughlin, drummer Jim Dudash, and lead vocalist Bobby Huszar, all veteran players who knew each other from Cleveland's music scene.

TAGS: Prog Rock

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"Save Me"


  1. 1. Selfish Love
  2. 2. Shame
  3. 3. Save Me
  4. 4. Last Refrain
  5. 5. Breakin All The Rules
  6. 6. Defenders Bain
  7. 7. Empty Eyes
  8. 8. Temporary Life
  9. 9. Garden Of The Moon
  10. 10. Astrology Prelude