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The John Henrys
White Linen

The John Henrys - White Linen

The John Henrys draw from a potpourri of influences and styles - combining alt-country, Americana, jam band and rock 'n' roll. Deeply respectful of authentic Americana artists, they have been influenced by and have drawn comparisons to Neil Young, The Byrds, The Band, and Tom Petty.

White Linen, the John Henrys' third album, was self produced by the band.

TAGS: Americana

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"Little One"


  1. 1. Little One
  2. 2. Edge Of December
  3. 3. Hit The Floor
  4. 4. Peace Of Mind
  5. 5. Cold Chill
  6. 6. White Linen
  7. 7. Stars Align
  8. 8. Good Man
  9. 9. Empty Pockets
  10. 10. Dawson City
  11. 11. Patriot Song