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The Jerry Douglas Band
What If

The Jerry Douglas Band - What If

Over the course of his career, Jerry Douglas has crossed many genre lines and played with musicians from across the musical spectrum. With the Jerry Douglas Band, he brings many of those genres together into one project. The group creates a unique fusion of jam band, jazz, bluegrass, blues, and country music that has never been heard before.

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"Hey Joe"


  1. 1. Cavebop
  2. 2. Unfolding
  3. 3. 2:19
  4. 4. What If
  5. 5. Hey Joe
  6. 6. Battle Stick
  7. 7. Go Ahead And Leave
  8. 8. Butcher Boy
  9. 9. Freemantle
  10. 10. The Last Wild Moor
  11. 11. Hot Country 84.5

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 15
    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic All the Best Festival 2020
  • Aug 03
    Solana Beach, CA, US John Hiatt and Jerry Douglas Band at Belly Up Tavern
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