New Releases For April 3, 2012

The Jeff Healey Band
Live In Belgium (DVD/CD)

The Jeff Healey Band - Live In Belgium (DVD/CD)

Filmed in July 1993 at the world famous Peer Blues Festival in Peer, Belgium, the Jeff Healey Band was touring in support of their album Feel This. In this show, the band, normally a trio, doubles in size with a pair of backing vocalists and a keyboard player, which takes the entire performance to a brand new level.

This set features selections from the aforementioned Feel This album, See The Light and Hell To Pay albums. Available as a DVD+CD set and just stand alone DVD.


  1. 1. Baby's Lookin' Hot
  2. 2. The House That Love Built
  3. 3. Evil And Here To Stay
  4. 4. Confidence Man
  5. 5. It Could All Get Blown Away
  6. 6. Lost In Your Eyes
  7. 7. Heart Of An Angel
  8. 8. Full Circle
  9. 9. That's What They Say
  10. 10. Angel Eyes
  11. 11. Roadhouse Blues
  12. 12. See The Light
  13. 13. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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