New Releases For September 27, 2011

The Janks
Hands Of Time

The Janks - Hands Of Time

'Hands of Time is like musical theatre,' explains Dylan Zmed. Zach Zmed continues, 'It's hard to predict what's going to happen next from song to song. There's a duality to the record. The material spans night and day on a variety of levels. Some of the music and subject matter is really heavy and dark, while some of it is soft and light. We want to honor traditions to a degree but forge something new in the process.'

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"Dead Man"


  1. 1. Hands Of Time
  2. 2. Billy The Kid
  3. 3. Dead Man
  4. 4. Can't Give Up
  5. 5. Echo Whispers
  6. 6. Don't Hide Your Eyes
  7. 7. Rat Racers
  8. 8. Separation From The Body
  9. 9. Demon Dance
  10. 10. Drama King's Ball
  11. 11. Adolescence
  12. 12. Child Prodigy
  13. 13. When I Was A Kid
  14. 14. Get Outta Town