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The James Hunter Six
Minute By Minute

The James Hunter Six - Minute By Minute

For his first new album in five years - Minute By Minute - British soul man James Hunter teamed with Daptone mastermind Gabriel Roth (Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones) for a horn-fueled blast of deep soul and R&B.

The album's 12 new original songs mark not only Hunter's first collaboration with Roth (aka Bosco Mann), but his first time recording in America. Minute By Minute follows 2008's The Hard Way, which Rolling Stone called 'unbelievably awesome.'

TAGS: Blues | R&B | Soul

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"Minute By Minute"


  1. 1. Chicken Switch
  2. 2. Minute By Minute
  3. 3. Drop On Me
  4. 4. Heartbreak
  5. 5. One Way Love
  6. 6. Goldmine
  7. 7. Let The Monkey Ride
  8. 8. The Gypsy
  9. 9. So They Say
  10. 10. Nothin' I Wouldn't Do
  11. 11. Look Out
  12. 12. If I Only Knew