New Releases For July 13, 2010

The Innocence Mission
My Room In The Trees

The Innocence Mission - My Room In The Trees

With lyrics that often evoke feelings of solitude and images of the natural world, my room in the trees sonically progresses along the path begun with 2003's Birds of My Neighborhood, spacious and warmly grounded with baritone and nylon string guitars and upright bass, and lit from above by electric guitar and piano. Songs include the cinematic opening 'Rain,' 'North American Field Song,' and 'The Happy Mondays'- a strangely beautiful song about searching for connectedness and shared experiences, is also a celebration of an everyday walk home from school, when 'the clouds of Pennsylvania break apart.' After making three albums with A&M records, the innocence mission began self-producing their albums in 1999. This is their ninth LP.

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"The Happy Mondays"


  1. 1. Rain (Setting Out In the Leaf Boat)
  2. 2. The Happy Mondays
  3. 3. God is Love
  4. 4. Gentle the Rain At Home
  5. 5. Spring
  6. 6. All the Weather
  7. 7. Rhode Island
  8. 8. North American Field Song
  9. 9. Mile-Marker
  10. 10. The Leaves Lift High
  11. 11. I'd Follow If I Could
  12. 12. The Melendys Go Abroad
  13. 13. Shout For Joy