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The Hooten Hallers
The Hooten Hallers

The Hooten Hallers - The Hooten Hallers

With a reputation for one of the most dynamic live shows around, the Hooten Hallers continue their decade-long search for their regional roots. As they say in Missouri, it’s not quite the Midwest and it’s not quite the South. In the same vein, the Hooten Hallers’ music isn’t quite Americana and it’s not quite punk, but a bit of both, fused together in a drunken tangle. Featuring appearances from Ryan Koenig (Pokey LaFarge) and Johnny Walker (Soledad Brothers).

TAGS: Americana

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"Further From Shore"


  1. 1. Charla
  2. 2. Dig
  3. 3. Further From Shore
  4. 4. Knew You'd Come Around
  5. 5. Rhythm & Blues
  6. 6. Albatross
  7. 7. Garlic Dream
  8. 8. Gravity
  9. 9. 200 Scrap Part 2: Scrapper's Lament
  10. 10. Staying Away From Joe

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 13
    Nashville, TN, US The Hooten Hallers at High Watt
  • May 03
    Lombard, IL, US The Hooten Hallers at Brauerhouse
  • May 04
    Dubuque, IA, US Vintage Torque Fest 2018
  • Jun 21
    Husum, Germany The Hooten Hallers at Speicher
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