New Releases For September 30, 2016

The Growlers
City Club

The Growlers - City Club

Known for their relentless touring schedule and DIY work ethic, the Growlers are one of the most exciting independent success stories of recent years. The band has toured with the Black Keyes, Dr. Dogg and more. Their new album was produced by Julian Casablancas (The Strokes) and Shawn Everett (2016 Grammy winner for work with Alabama Shakes).

”The Growlers are their own sort of tribe, surfers without the surf culture, finding dark stories to tell in the land of golden sunshine.” - Paste

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"I'll Be Around"


  1. 1. City Club
  2. 2. I'll Be Around
  3. 3. Vacant Lot
  4. 4. Night Ride
  5. 5. Dope On A Rope
  6. 6. When You Were Made
  7. 7. Rubber & Bone
  8. 8. The Daisy Chain
  9. 9. World Unglued
  10. 10. Neverending Line
  11. 11. Too Many Times
  12. 12. Blood Of A Mutt
  13. 13. Speed Living