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The Grahams
Glory Bound (Deluxe)

The Grahams - Glory Bound (Deluxe)

Lifelong couple, both romantic and musical, Alyssa and Doug Graham has been performing together since they were teenagers. After their first release in 2013, the Grahams and producer David Garza reglorify Glory Bound with added tunes for this Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition offers two new versions of songs from the original album, two re-imaginings of earlier and unreleased Grahams songs and one chilling cover of Alejandro Escovedo’s “Broken Bottle.”

TAGS: Americana

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"Glory Bound (Featuring The Watkins Family)"


  1. 1. Glory Bound
  2. 2. Gambling Girl
  3. 3. Blow Wind Blow
  4. 4. Lay Me Down
  5. 5. Kansas City
  6. 6. Mama
  7. 7. The Wild One
  8. 8. Griggstown
  9. 9. Biscuits
  10. 10. Borderland
  11. 11. The Spinner
  12. 12. Promised Land
  13. 13. Big John (Bonus Track)
  14. 14. Glory Bound (Featuring The Watkins Family)
  15. 15. Broken Bottle (Featuring A. Escovedo)
  16. 16. Mama (Featuring David Garza And Suzanna Choffel)
  17. 17. Tender Annabelle (Featuring John Fullbright)
  18. 18. The Lonely Ones (Featuring The Milk Carton Kids)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 22
    New York, NY, US Zāna and The Grahams at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2
  • Sep 05
    London, UK The Grahams at The Water Rats
  • Sep 06
    Lutterworth, UK The Long Road Festival 2019
  • Sep 06
    Ashford, UK The Grahams with Avi Simmons at Revelation St Mary's
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