New Releases For May 13, 2016

The Golden Grass
Coming Back Again

The Golden Grass - Coming Back Again

Listenable Records is proud to release the stunning second full length album by Brooklyn trio, the Golden Grass. It’s a truly serpentine journey as the epic glory & might of the heavy ‘70s meets the sun-drenched warmth of Laurel Canyon’s golden country/folk era, while powerful southern rock boogie and swagger give way to luscious and exploratory psychedelic landscapes, unfolding lysergic progressive arrangements and a swinging jazzy touch! Exploding with soaring soulful vocals, endless feel-good vibes, catchy melodies, dazzling musicality and classic production, the Golden Grass are truly “coming back again.”

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Get It Together"


  1. 1. Get It Together
  2. 2. Reflections In The Glass
  3. 3. Shadow Traveler
  4. 4. Hazy Daybreak
  5. 5. Down The Line
  6. 6. See It Through

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