New Releases For April 6, 2018

The Golden Grass

The Golden Grass - Absolutely

The Golden Grass are THEE definitive heavy boogie rock group of today. They’re a monstrous rock ‘n roll power trio with three lead singers and a dazzling classic touch. The group effortlessly draws their influence from the greatest musical ideas from when rock ruled the world; it’s as if they truly ARE from that Golden era. But their gift to us in the now, and it is an epic, soulful, and hard-hitting maelstrom of feel-good, anthemic and tough swinging sounds.

“Sunburst anthems, rainbow brightness, heat-haze psychedelia!” - Kerrang (UK)

TAGS: Hard Rock | Rock

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"The Spell"


  1. 1. Catch Your Eye
  2. 2. Show Your Hand
  3. 3. Never You Mind
  4. 4. Runaway
  5. 5. Walk Along
  6. 6. The Spell
  7. 7. Out On The Road
  8. 8. Begging The Question

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