New Releases For May 3, 2011

The Fling
When The Madhouses Appear

The Fling - When The Madhouses Appear

The debut full-length album from the Fling.

'The album achieves that difficult balance between cohesion and contour: that is, each song has its own silhouette, but is clearly part of the same landscape... heartfelt and personal-an unfiltered transcript of inner monologues.' - LA Record

'Beautifully melodic and well-textured songwriting - instantly sing-alongable yet arranged complexly enough to warrant multiple listens... their angelic harmonies left me speechless the first time they soared through my speakers' - Creative Loafing

TAGS: Indie Rock

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  1. 1. Friend Of Mine
  2. 2. Wanderingfoot
  3. 3. Strangers
  4. 4. Nothing Makes Sense
  5. 5. Elinor
  6. 6. No Sleep
  7. 7. Out Of My Head
  8. 8. Dry The Rain
  9. 9. Cold Comfort
  10. 10. Spooks
  11. 11. Devil's Man