New Releases For July 17, 2012

The Fixx
Beautiful Friction

The Fixx - Beautiful Friction

Hailing from England, the Fixx has been often heralded as one of the most innovative bands to come out of the MTV era. The Fixx are instantly recognizable. Songs such as 'One Thing Leads To Another', 'Red Skies,' and 'Saved By Zero' remain everyday staples on radio station playlists that continue to break new acts inspired by the era that the Fixx helped to define.

Beautiful Friction is their 10th studio album. This collection of new songs, called 'among their very best' will prove once again that the Fixx are always evolving and seeking new musical horizons.

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"Anyone Else"


  1. 1. Anyone Else
  2. 2. Just Before Dawn
  3. 3. Take A Risk
  4. 4. Beautiful Friction
  5. 5. What God?
  6. 6. Second Time Around
  7. 7. Follow That Cab
  8. 8. Shaman
  9. 9. Something Ahead Of You
  10. 10. Girl With No Ceiling
  11. 11. Small Thoughts