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The Felice Brothers - Undress

With Undress, their first new album in three years, the Felice Brothers manage to walk that delicate tightrope between timely and timeless, crafting a collection that’s urgently relevant to the modern social and political landscape without ever losing sight of the larger picture. In their world, the traditionally powerful - politicians, preachers, pundits - are comical at best, rendered impotent by their own narcissistic ambition, while those who traffic in kindness and generosity are larger-than-life heroes, cast as everyday saviors walking the streets of a thankless society. In that sense, Undress fits neatly into a long tradition of American folk storytelling.

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"Special Announcement"


  1. 1. Undress
  2. 2. Holy Weight Champ
  3. 3. Special Announcement
  4. 4. Nail It On The First Try
  5. 5. Salvation Army Girl
  6. 6. Poor Blind Birds
  7. 7. TV Mama
  8. 8. The Kid
  9. 9. Hometown Hero
  10. 10. Jack Reminiscing
  11. 11. Days Of The Years
  12. 12. Socrates

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 13
    Ithaca, NY, US The Felice Brothers with Diana Demuth at The Haunt
  • Aug 15
    Davenport, IA, US The Felice Brothers at Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel
  • Aug 21
    Indianapolis, IN, US The Felice Brothers with Diana Demuth at The Hi-Fi
  • Aug 24
    Cleveland Heights, OH, US The Felice Brothers with Diana Demuth and Jivviden at Grog Shop
  • Sep 21
    Buffalo, NY, US Borderland 2019
  • Jan 22
    Belfast, UK The Felice Brothers at Limelight 2
  • Jan 23
    Dublin, Ireland The Felice Brothers at Whelans
  • Jan 25
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK The Felice Brothers at Northumbria University Student Union
  • Jan 27
    Leeds, UK The Felice Brothers at Brudenell Social Club
  • Jan 28
    Cambridge, UK The Felice Brothers at J2, Cambridge Junction
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