New Releases For June 8, 2010

The Farewell Drifters
Yellow Tag Mondays

The Farewell Drifters - Yellow Tag Mondays

Yellow Tag Mondays is the Farewell Drifters' national debut. Recorded over two years, the album is a beguiling collection that welds acoustic resonance and warmth to smart, modern songs, arranged with richly complex harmonies. The band met on the campus on Belmont University in Nashville. Since first setting out over four years ago, the young quintet have casually but clearly defied any preconceptions based on their lineup (two acoustic guitars, mandolin, fiddle, upright bass), delighting audiences from all walks with a sound that suspends classic elements in fresh new surroundings.

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"All We Need"


  1. 1. Love We Left Behind
  2. 2. Everyone Is Talking
  3. 3. For No One
  4. 4. Sunnyside Drive
  5. 5. All We Need
  6. 6. Virginia Bell
  7. 7. Love Me Good & Plain
  8. 8. River Song
  9. 9. Please Dream Of Me Tonight
  10. 10. I've Got Your Heart In My Hand
  11. 11. Old Friends
  12. 12. Wake Up
  13. 13. Fight To Find Your Way
  14. 14. Somewhere Down The Road

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