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The Explorers Club
Grand Hotel

The Explorers Club - Grand Hotel

'While there's an undeniable, late-'60s sunshine pop vibe to many of the arrangements here, from the vocal harmonies to the horn sections, the Explorers Club nevertheless seems to have simultaneously inched along a little further on the calendar and widened their target.

The band hasn't gotten the Beach Boys entirely out of its system, though, and Pet Sounds-worthy harmonies pop up on even the most '70s-sounding of these songs, with agreeable results; Burt Bacharach-style arrangements adorn some tracks as well, enabling the Explorers Club to achieve a kind of momentary state of lounge-pop satori.

And one of the most impressive aspects of the whole endeavor is the fact that a bunch of South Carolina musicians were able to spiritually transport themselves so definitively to a Southern California state of mind.'

- All Music Guide

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"Run Run Run"


  1. 1. Acapulco (Sunrise)
  2. 2. Run Run Run
  3. 3. Anticipatin
  4. 4. Bluebird
  5. 5. Grand Hotel
  6. 6. Go For You
  7. 7. Any Little Way
  8. 8. It's No Use
  9. 9. Sweet Delights
  10. 10. I've Been Waiting
  11. 11. It's You
  12. 12. Acapulco (Sunset)
  13. 13. Summer Days, Summer Nights
  14. 14. Weight Of The World
  15. 15. Open The Door