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The Empire Shall Fall

The Empire Shall Fall - Awaken

Awaken is the first metal album from vocalist Jesse Leach since his departure from Killswitch Engage. Media has already given praise for its aggressive edge and exceptional diversity. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, The Empire Shall Fall's eclectic sound is rooted in metal/hardcore; citing luminaries At the Gates, Meshuggah, and Edge of Sanity as major inspiration. 'Metallic hardcore with tech metal tempos and spiritual, pounding rhythms that recalled 108 and even later Bad Brains. And perhaps most significantly, heard (Leach's) jagged, broken-glass shrieks for the first time since 2002's breakthrough Alive Or Just Breathing. It's more than a welcome return,' says Terrorizer Magazine

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Voices Forming Weapons"


  1. 1. Awaken
  2. 2. Lords of War
  3. 3. Voices Forming Weapons
  4. 4. Choir of Angels
  5. 5. We The People
  6. 6. These Colors Bleed
  7. 7. Our Own
  8. 8. The Kingdom