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The Dustbowl Revival
With A Lampshade On

The Dustbowl Revival - With A Lampshade On

Bluegrass. Swing. Hot jazz. Pre-war blues. Southern soul. New Orleans funk. The Dustbowl Revival is what you could call an American roots orchestra with eight full-time members — and they play it all, mashing the sounds of traditional American music into a genre-hopping, time-bending dance party that coaxes new fire out of familiar coal. But, this isn't a throwback band. With A Lampshade On is a celebration of the sounds that have kept America moving for more than a century, performed with all the flair of a medicine show and rooted in the sweat and swagger of a juke joint song swap.

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"Lampshade On"


  1. 1. Lampshade On
  2. 2. Hey Baby
  3. 3. Old Joe Clark
  4. 4. Feels Good
  5. 5. Standing Next To Me
  6. 6. Ballad Of The Bellhop
  7. 7. Never Had To Go
  8. 8. Bright Lights
  9. 9. Cherokee Shuffle
  10. 10. Doubling Down On You
  11. 11. Ain’t My Fault
  12. 12. Drop In The Bucket
  13. 13. Wrapped Up In My Heart
  14. 14. Whiskey In The Well

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 17
    Ferndale, MI, US The Dustbowl Revival at Otus Supply
  • May 20
    St Louis, MO, US The Dustbowl Revival at Blueberry Hill Duck Room
  • May 22
    Colorado Springs, CO, US MeadowGrass Music Festival 2020
  • Jul 10
    Annapolis, MD, US The Dustbowl Revival at Rams Head On Stage
  • Jul 30
    Sheffield, UK The Dustbowl Revival at The Greystones
  • Aug 16
    Evanston, IL, US The Dustbowl Revival at S.P.A.C.E.
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