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The Dollyrots
Daydream Explosion

The Dollyrots - Daydream Explosion

Since their formation 18 years ago, the Dollyrots have played over a thousand shows, toured the world on their own and with some of their idols, and released several albums, EPs, singles and more. Daydream Explosion is their newest album on Little Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records. Full of the fast-paced melodic punk tunes that are the Dollyrots’ trademark, the album bursts out of the gate with the one-two punch of “Animal” and lead single “Everything.” Follow-up single “In Your Face” is a midtempo rocker with a wallop of a chorus, while stylistic variations are all over this collection of 14 brand-new songs.

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  1. 1. Animal
  2. 2. Everything
  3. 3. In Your Face
  4. 4. Naked
  5. 5. Last Ones On Earth
  6. 6. I Love You Instead
  7. 7. Watching The Storm Go By
  8. 8. I Know How To Party
  9. 9. Kat's Meow
  10. 10. No Princess
  11. 11. Flippy In My Red Dress
  12. 12. Oblivious
  13. 13. Talk Too Much
  14. 14. Daisy's Song

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