New Releases For May 14, 2013

The Del-Lords
Elvis Club

The Del-Lords - Elvis Club

The Del-Lords are back with Elvis Club, their first album in over two decades. Known as a no frills kick as rock 'n roll / Americana band, Eric Ambel, Frank Funaro and Scott Kempner haven't missed one step as they continue the tradition they started in the early '80s with their debut album. From the opening notes of 'When The Drugs Kick In' it's obvious Kempner hasn't lost his songwriting touch. The band is as comfortable as ever and this June launches their first U.S. tour in 20 years.

As Kempner states, 'Guitar, bass & drums. The way God intended.'

TAGS: Americana

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"When The Drugs Kick In"


  1. 1. When The Drugs Kick In
  2. 2. Princess
  3. 3. Chicks, Man!
  4. 4. Flying
  5. 5. All Of My Life
  6. 6. Everyday
  7. 7. Me And The Lord Blues
  8. 8. Letter (Unmailed)
  9. 9. Damaged
  10. 10. You Can Make A Mistake One Time
  11. 11. Silverlake
  12. 12. Southern Pacific