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The Dead Daisies
Burn It Down

The Dead Daisies - Burn It Down

Burn It Down is a muscular tour-de-force, a tornado of pounding drums, pulverizing bass, screaming guitars and in-your-face raw vocals. Evoking the best of ‘70s rock, with moments of Birmingham’s finest, blended with the early works of Boston’s best, Burn It Down does just that: burn down everything in its path until there is nothing left standing. Recorded in Nashville with Marti Frederiksen at the helm, the band finished their fourth studio album in December, with Anthony Focx once again handling the mix and mastering legend Howie Weinberg adding his magic. John Corabi about the new record: “I’m extremely excited about our new record Burn It Down!”

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock

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"Rise Up"


  1. 1. Resurrected
  2. 2. Rise Up
  3. 3. Burn It Down
  4. 4. Judgement Day
  5. 5. What Goes Around
  6. 6. Bitch
  7. 7. Set Me Free
  8. 8. Dead And Gone
  9. 9. Can't Take It With You
  10. 10. Leave Me Alone
  11. 11. Revolution (Bonus Track)

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