New Releases For September 23, 2014

The Cry!
Dangerous Game

The Cry! - Dangerous Game

'The Cry! represent everything that's awesome, true and righteous with rock 'n roll. Their new album (Dangerous Game) captures every ounce of effort and excitement that makes the music-loving soul in me stir and shake. Releases that will follow in the coming year are gonna have to work hard to supplant its present premiere positioning.' - Bruce Brodeen, Not Lame Records

'And to top it we go to Portland where we find the Cry! in some ways reminiscent of a more polite version of the unlucky Exploding Hearts writing short songs, pleasant, pulling out the best of retro garage-pop. Enjoy This Gem!' - Di Michele Bisceglia, Rolling Stone


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"Last Thing That I Do"


  1. 1. Smirk
  2. 2. Discotheque
  3. 3. Hanging Me Up
  4. 4. Seventeen
  5. 5. Waiting Around
  6. 6. Sleeping Alone
  7. 7. Nowhere To Go
  8. 8. Last Thing That I Do
  9. 9. I Think I'm In Love
  10. 10. Down In The City
  11. 11. Shakin'
  12. 12. Modern Cinderella
  13. 13. Dangerous Game
  14. 14. Toys In The Attic