New Releases For April 6, 2010

The Classic Crime

The Classic Crime - Vagabonds

With giant infectious melodies and occasional dalliances with prog-math and a newfound sense of whimsy, The Classic Crime is for everybody. In their new album, Vagabonds, the band pared down their songs to their most basic elements with electrifying results. 'I'm obsessed with simple songs,' explains vocalist and songwriter Matt MacDonald. 'Songs that don't change a lot musically but you can feel the dynamics in the melody and rhythm when you listen.'

Catch The Classic Crime on their headlining tour this spring!


  1. 1. Perfect Voice
  2. 2. Cheap Shots
  3. 3. Solar Powered Life
  4. 4. Four Chords
  5. 5. Vagabonds
  6. 6. The Happy Nihilist
  7. 7. My Name
  8. 8. Everything & Nothing
  9. 9. The Count
  10. 10. Different Now
  11. 11. Broken Mess