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The Cerny Brothers
Sleeping Giant

The Cerny Brothers - Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant signifies a new direction for the band, as the music has turned from an acoustic, folk element to a more electric, American rock sound while still keeping the folk spirit from their earlier work. The songs on Sleeping Giant deal with becoming a man and finding identity in a constantly changing world, staying rooted in something that can be shaken but not moved, and realizing that we all have a sleeping giant inside of us waiting to be set free.

TAGS: Americana | Folk

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"Porch Lights"


  1. 1. Porch Lights
  2. 2. Heart In A Bottle
  3. 3. Nightburn
  4. 4. Shaking The Blues
  5. 5. I Want You Tonight
  6. 6. Middle Of Winter
  7. 7. The Kid
  8. 8. Blue Blue Water
  9. 9. Leaving Town
  10. 10. Words Like A Rock
  11. 11. Tears Always Fall
  12. 12. Lonely Seas

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Dec 31
    Seattle, WA, US Christone "Kingfish" Ingram with The Cerny Brothers at Barboza
  • Sep 12
    Denver, CO, US Michigan Rattlers with The Cerny Brothers at Larimer Lounge
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