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The Candles
Matter + Spirit

The Candles - Matter + Spirit

With two records under their belt and a coast-to-coast fanbase growing from their New York City home, the Candles have earned a reputation for weathered, back-alley roots rock. But with their third album, Matter + Spirit, the quartet adds a layer of wind-blown dust, embracing the open space and honest sensitivity of the American heartland like never before. The Candles are currently one tour which includes 25 shows for Norah Jones in Europe and the U.S. and they will continue to tour into 2017.

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"Back To The City"


  1. 1. Back To The City
  2. 2. Move Along (Featuring Norah Jones)
  3. 3. Blue Skies And Sun
  4. 4. Followed
  5. 5. Lost My Driving Wheel
  6. 6. Something Good
  7. 7. Sunburned
  8. 8. Til It’s Gone
  9. 9. You Won’t Remember Me

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