New Releases For July 9, 2013

The Candles
La Candelaria

The Candles - La Candelaria

Hot off a successful worldwide tour with legendary songstress Norah Jones, and named Best Breakout set at SXSW by SPIN, the Candles present their second full length album, La Candelaria.

Currently on tour with Alberta Cross, they have also announced dates for their upcoming Wild Rovers Tour featuring folk rocker Cory Chisel, the Candles, SpaceWoman, and Adriel Denae. All four acts on the traveling road show will share members while other special guests are expected along the way.

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"Believe You Now"


  1. 1. Blind Light
  2. 2. Believe You Now
  3. 3. Hello Blue
  4. 4. Passenger
  5. 5. As Far As I Know
  6. 6. Come In From The Cold
  7. 7. One Way Ticket
  8. 8. Gold
  9. 9. All In Your Mind
  10. 10. What Happens Next

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