New Releases For May 5, 2015

The Bloodline
We Are One

The Bloodline - We Are One

What started as a whisper has quickly become a roar as the Bloodline made their way into the global hard rock/metal scene. The Bloodline were formed from the ashes of Dirge Within, with Travis Neal (Divine Heresy), Shaun Glass (Soil), Chuck Wepfer (Broken Hope) and Frankie Harchut, and quickly became something extremely unique and addictive. On We Are One, their debut album, the band cleverly fuse elements of rock, hard rock and metal lined with infectious hooks and soaring vocal melodies. Look for the band on tour this summer on Revolver’s Civil Unrest Tour with Kittie & Ill Nino.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"With Fire (Comes Absolution)"


  1. 1. The Bloodline
  2. 2. We Are One
  3. 3. Divided
  4. 4. The Blackout
  5. 5. Above The Rain
  6. 6. Dead & Buried
  7. 7. Poisonous
  8. 8. Midnight
  9. 9. Destroyer
  10. 10. With Fire (Comes Absolution)
  11. 11. Bedside Sorrow
  12. 12. BecomingThe Disease