New Releases For September 25, 2012

The Abrams Brothers
Northern Redemption

The Abrams Brothers - Northern Redemption

With the release of Northern Redemption, The Abrams Brothers - John, James and cousin Elijah - make a transition from the music of their roots to their own distinct sound. It's a combination of bluegrass, country and folk-rock that's had the Canadian festival circuit up in arms over their potential and the rest are sure to catch on. It is an album of love gained and lost and one about getting out and moving on.

The Abrams Brothers have grown up and truly shine as young men on this one - young men with a taste of life whose insecurities fall second to a passion to make their own destiny.

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"Northern Redemption"


  1. 1. Northern Redemption
  2. 2. Window
  3. 3. Nothing At All
  4. 4. Where I'm Bound
  5. 5. While You Sleep
  6. 6. Thirteen
  7. 7. Leaving Love Behind
  8. 8. Viva La Vida
  9. 9. Planet Of Seasons