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The 69 Eyes - X

Some 22 years after forming, the 69 Eyes release their 10th studio album and their first with Nuclear Blast America. To humbly celebrate their long existence, the band has decided to name the album X, the Roman numeral for ten. X is a turning point for the 69 Eyes. It clearly starts the band on a new path and sounds completely fresh and ambitious. It's also some of the most catchy and hooky Goth'n'Roll you have ever heard - no surprise since the album's made under the supervision of Swedish pop-orientated production team, On the Verge (Kent, The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies).

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  1. 1. Love Runs Away
  2. 2. Tonight
  3. 3. Black
  4. 4. If You Love Me The Morning After
  5. 5. Red
  6. 6. I Love The Darkness In You
  7. 7. Borderline
  8. 8. I'm Ready
  9. 9. I Know What You Did Last Summer
  10. 10. When A Love Comes To An End