New Releases For March 2, 2010

Texas Tornados
Esta Bueno

Texas Tornados - Esta Bueno

The ultimate Tex-Mex super group is back! Augie Meyers and Flaco Jimenez reunite with Shawn Sahm in a new recording that includes five previously unreleased vocal performances by Grammy award winner Freddy Fender, in addition to new Tornados-style classics. The groove is back, which should come as no surprise.

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"Who's To Blame, Senorita"


  1. Who's To Blame, Senorita
  2. If I Could Only
  3. My Sugar Blue
  4. They Don't Make Em Like I Like
  5. Velma From Selma
  6. Tennessee Blues
  7. Esta Bueno
  8. Ahora Yo Voy
  9. Chicano
  10. Another Shot Of Ambition
  11. In Heaven There Is No Beer
  12. Llevame
  13. Girl Going Nowhere (feat. Doug Sahm)