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TesseracT - Sonder

TesseracT are a band that sits outside the bounds of any genre specificity. They are pioneers of the ever-evolving metal scene and unstoppable force of off-kilter riffs, soaring melodies, and disorientating atmospherics. Their fourth album, Sonder, adds significant firepower to the band's arsenal, blending the harsh abrasiveness of One (2011) and progressive ethereal elements of Altered State (2013) with the accessibility of Polaris (2015). Available on CD and 2-CD deluxe featuring a binaural audio bonus disc, and vinyl in multiple color variants. The band embark on a North American headlining tour from April 19-May 24

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  1. 1. Luminary
  2. 2. King
  3. 3. Orbital
  4. 4. Juno
  5. 5. Beneath My Skin
  6. 6. Mirror Image
  7. 7. Smile
  8. 8. The Arrow

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