New Releases For December 3, 2013

Tess Parks
Blood Hot

Tess Parks - Blood Hot

Tess describes her songs as 'lo-fi alternative drones with a hypnotic vibe'. Influences include Elliott Smith, friends the Dandy Warhols and all the classics: 'I was brought up on Bob Dylan, Nirvana, the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Zeppelin.'

Tess recorded her album of scuzzy, downbeat psychedelia (think Mazzy Star crossed with the Brian Jonestown Massacre) across the summer.

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  1. 1. Somedays
  2. 2. Gates Of Broadway
  3. 3. When I Am Young
  4. 4. Refugee Camp
  5. 5. Stick Around
  6. 6. Open Your Mind
  7. 7. Walk Behind Your House
  8. 8. Goodnight Love
  9. 9. This Time Next Year
  10. 10. Life Is But A Dream
  11. 11. Love Around