New Releases For February 28, 2012

Hordes Of Zombies

Terrorizer - Hordes Of Zombies

Grindcore legends Terrorizer, once again spearheaded by legendary drummer Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel), are back with the beastly new full-length, Hordes Of Zombies.

A massive riff avalanche, Hordes Of Zombies blazes a merciless path of sonic destruction through the genre they helped to create over 20 years ago. Hordes... also sees the return to the fold of bassist/vocalist David Vincent (Morbid Angel), which ensures that it's as vital as World Downfall was so many years ago.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Hordes Of Zombies
  3. 3. Ignorance And Apathy
  4. 4. Subterfuge
  5. 5. Evolving Era
  6. 6. Radiation Syndrome
  7. 7. Flesh To Dust
  8. 8. Generation Chaos
  9. 9. Broken Mirrors
  10. 10. Prospect Of Oblivion
  11. 11. Malevolent Ghosts
  12. 12. Forward To Annihilation
  13. 13. State Of Mind
  14. 14. A Dying Breed

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 01
    Atlanta, GA, US Mass Destruction Metal Fest 2019
  • Nov 03
    Durham, NC, US Nile with Terrorizer, False Prophet, The Summoned, and 1 more… at Motorco Music Hall
  • Nov 04
    New York, NY, US Nile, Terrorizer, Dead City Crown, and Silencer at Gramercy Theatre
  • Nov 05
    Baltimore, MD, US Nile and Terrorizer at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Nov 06
    Richmond, VA, US Nile with Terrorizer, Vomit Stain, Gutted Christ, and 1 more… at Canal Club
  • Nov 07
    Philadelphia, PA, US Nile and Terrorizer at Theatre of Living Arts
  • Nov 09
    Worcester, MA, US Nile with Terrorizer at Palladium
  • Nov 09
    Philadelphia, PA, US Nile, Terrorizer, and The Legwarmers at Theatre of Living Arts
  • Nov 11
    Pittsburgh, PA, US Nile with Terrorizer and Post Mortal Possession at Crafthouse Stage and Grill
  • Nov 14
    Milwaukee, WI, US Terrorizer, Morta Skuld, and Lifes at Turner Hall Ballroom
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