New Releases For September 7, 2010

Tera Melos
Patagonian Rats

Tera Melos - Patagonian Rats

Tera Melos' first proper full-length, Patagonian Rats, is packed with melodic hooks and jabs that on paper might seem to defy the band's experimental edge. There's even clear and distinct vocals throughout - a first for the band - where vocals, if any, were previously awash with distortion and layered in the mix. But, particulars aside, Patagonian Rats is the type of album that sticks with you.

'Akin to the type of freak-pop perversion dished out by daring pioneers like Devo and The Flaming Lips.'
- Wired

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"Frozen Zoo"


  1. 1. So Occult
  2. 2. Kelly
  3. 3. The Skin Surf
  4. 4. Aped
  5. 5. Trident Tail
  6. 6. Frozen Zoo
  7. 7. In Citrus Heights
  8. 8. Skywatch
  9. 9. Party With Gina
  10. 10. Another Surf
  11. 11. Westham United
  12. 12. A New Uniform/Patagonia