New Releases For March 9, 2010

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
The Brutalist Bricks

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - The Brutalist Bricks

New Jersey's TED LEO AND THE PHARMACISTS are back after a two-year break with their fourth album and Matador debut, The Brutalist Bricks. This extraordinarily assured, wide-ranging album explores new ground for Ted, showcasing his singer-songwriter side while remaining emotionally and energetically true to his punk roots.

From the thrilling opener and video track 'The Mighty Sparrow' to the apocalyptic 'Last Days,' startling influences reveal themselves.

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"The Mighty Sparrow"


  1. The Mighty Sparrow
  2. Mourning in America
  3. Ativan Eyes
  4. Even Heroes Have to Die
  5. The Stick
  6. Bottled in Cork
  7. Woke Up Near Chelsea
  8. One Polaroid a Day
  9. Where Was My Brain?
  10. Bartolomeo and the Buzzing of Bees
  11. Tuberculoids Arrive in Hop
  12. Gimme the Wire
  13. Last Days