New Releases For January 27, 2015

Tear Out The Heart
Dead, Everywhere

Tear Out The Heart - Dead, Everywhere

Tear Out The Heart turned heads last year with the release of their Victory Records debut album, Violence, which garnered admiration from fans and critics across the board. Not ones to play it safe, Tear Out The Heart favor pushing the boundaries of contemporary hard rock / metal and find balance between devastating heaviness and brilliantly towering choruses. Fueled with pent up anger and emotion, Tear Out The Heart harnessed their aggression and channeled it to deliver an incredibly inspired sophomore effort titled Dead, Everywhere. The levels of focused intensity Tear Out The Heart achieve on Dead, Everywhere are unmatched.

TAGS: Metal | Metalcore

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"Feel Real"


  1. 1. Dead, Everywhere
  2. 2. Feel Real
  3. 3. I’ve Got Secrets
  4. 4. Damage Control
  5. 5. The Rejected
  6. 6. Boiled Nails
  7. 7. Breaking Through
  8. 8. Viking Funeral
  9. 9. You Are No King
  10. 10. Error
  11. 11. School Of Bleeders
  12. 12. The Epitome Of Misery
  13. 13. Incomplete
  14. 14. Curse You

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