New Releases For April 10, 2012

The Episodes

Taproot - The Episodes

Coming off of their Victory Records debut, Plead The Fifth, a highly successful Active Rock radio campaign, and multiple headlining tours, Taproot look to continue their reign atop the modern hard rock empire with their sixth full length release, The Episodes.

Over six years in the making, The Episodes is a poignant and complexly developed concept album with interlacing characters on their search for understanding. The tone and feeling throughout the storyline is dramatically reflected in the music Taproot has crafted on The Episodes. The new album expands upon all of the intense and melodic elements fans have come to expect from the band with an updated take on their style of heavy rock.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"No Surrender"


  1. 1. Good Morning
  2. 2. No Surrender
  3. 3. Lost Boy
  4. 4. Memorial Park
  5. 5. The Everlasting
  6. 6. Around The Bend
  7. 7. A Kiss From The Sky
  8. 8. Strange And Fascinating
  9. 9. A Golden Grey
  10. 10. We Don't Belong Here

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