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37 Channels

Tantric - 37 Channels

Tantric was formed in 2001 from the ashes of platinum acoustic rock act Days Of The New. With singer songwriter Hugo Ferreira at the helm, Tantric's debut album went on to become platinum as well. After scores of US tours, multiple rock hits including 'Breakdown,' 'Mourning,' 'Astounded,' 'The Chain,' and the top 5 video for 'Down And Out' Tantric has grown into a mainstay at the rock radio formats. While Tantric's recurrent tracks enjoy plenty of radio play, their fifth album 37 Channels is being greeted by early listeners as one of their best work to date.

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  1. 1. Again
  2. 2. Blue Room
  3. 3. Mosquita
  4. 4. Gravity
  5. 5. Loss For Words
  6. 6. Where Do We Go From Here
  7. 7. Rise
  8. 8. Broken
  9. 9. You Got What You Wanted
  10. 10. Fault
  11. 11. My Turn
  12. 12. Bullet
  13. 13. Girl In White

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 25
    Highland, IN, US Trapt and Tantric at The Room at the Silver Buckle Saloon
  • Apr 26
    Detroit, MI, US Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Trapt, Saving Abel, and 1 more… at Harpos Concert Theatre
  • May 16
    Lynchburg, VA, US Trapt and Tantric with Seven Ten Oil at The Lounge at Ledo
  • May 17
    Jacksonville, NC, US Puddle of Mudd with Saliva, Trapt, Saving Abel, and 1 more… at Tarheel Opry House
  • May 19
    Lexington, KY, US Puddle of Mudd with Trapt, Saving Abel, and Tantric at Manchester Music Hall
  • May 22
    Stanhope, NJ, US Tantric with Arc'd Angel, Velvet Rose, and The Infection at The Stanhope House
  • May 24
    Stroudsburg, PA, US Puddle of Mudd with Saliva, Trapt, Saving Abel, and 1 more… at Sherman Theater
  • May 30
    Indianapolis, IN, US Puddle of Mudd with Saliva, Tantric, and Sponge at Saddle Up Saloon and Dancehall
  • Jun 21
    Lisle, IL, US Mudd Fest 2019
  • Jun 23
    Cincinnati, OH, US Mudd Fest 2019
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