New Releases For September 14, 2010

System Divide
Conscious Sedation

System Divide - Conscious Sedation

Founded in the summer of 2008, System Divide quickly became a transnational project. Within its ranks includes vocalists Sven De Caluwe (Aborted), Miri Milman, Michael Wilson (ex-Abigail Williams), Cole Martinez (ex-Years of Fire, Antenora), Andrew Lenthe (Antenora), and Mike Heller (Malignancy). System Divide unites serene female vocals and extreme vocals driven by lyrical themes that confront and seek to break everyday themes of disillusionment, societal materialism, and individual apathy. Musically, the band delivers myriad styles of riffing and grooves, while augmenting the entrancing soundscapes with hard-hitting drums and intricate bass lines. These elements together define the unique, spell binding, hypnotic sound of System Divide.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal


  1. 1. Vagaries of Perception
  2. 2. An Intoxication Affair
  3. 3. Echoes
  4. 4. The Apex Doctrine
  5. 5. Lethargy
  6. 6. (N)ether
  7. 7. Hollow
  8. 8. Purity in Impurfection
  9. 9. Repentiforget
  10. 10. The Conscious Sedation
  11. 11. Stagnant Progression