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Where The Light Shines Through

SWITCHFOOT - Where The Light Shines Through

For the first time in ten years Switchfoot worked with The Beautiful Letdown producer John Fields on their tenth album, Where The Light Shines Through, and loved every minute of it. This time they are harnessing that urgency to access their purest instincts, while also taking the time to push each other further than ever... finding their roots, and planting them in places they've never seen before.

TAGS: Alternative | Pop

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  1. 1. Holy Water
  2. 2. Float
  3. 3. Where The Light Shines Through
  4. 4. I Won’t Let You Go
  5. 5. If The House Burns Down Tonight
  6. 6. The Day That I Found God
  7. 7. Shake This Feeling
  8. 8. Bull In A China Shop
  9. 9. Live It Well
  10. 10. Looking For America (Featuring Lecrae)
  11. 11. Healer Of Souls
  12. 12. Hope Is The Anthem

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 03
    Des Moines, IA, US Switchfoot at Hoyt Sherman Place
  • Oct 04
    Cedar Rapids, IA, US Switchfoot at Paramount Theatre
  • Oct 05
    Wabash, IN, US Switchfoot at Honeywell Center
  • Oct 06
    Saginaw, MI, US Switchfoot at Temple Theater
  • Oct 08
    Eau Claire, WI, US Switchfoot at The Pablo Center at The Confluence
  • Oct 10
    Peoria, IL, US Switchfoot at Peoria Civic Center
  • Oct 11
    Louisville, KY, US Switchfoot at W.L. Lyons Brown Theatre, Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
  • Oct 12
    Akron, OH, US Switchfoot at Goodyear Theater
  • Oct 13
    Columbus, OH, US Switchfoot at The Athenaeum Theatre
  • Oct 15
    Hershey, PA, US Switchfoot at The Hershey Theatre
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