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Future Ruins

Swervedriver - Future Ruins

UK shoegaze legends return with their version of space travel rock and roll on new album Future Ruins.

“Everything an admirer could ask of the reunited band’s new album…gloriously nuanced embellishment of the band’s timeless virtue.” - MOJO

“The spacious, Neil Young-ian rumbling of the title track and the bulked-up power-pop of “Spiked Flower” both see co-founders Adam Franklin and Jimmy Hartridge venture beyond the template of Raise and Mezcal Head without making the faithful worry they’ve ditched their distortion pedals.” - Uncut

“Business as usual: Swervedriver create beautiful noise without breaking a sweat.” - Alternative Press

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"Spiked Flower"


  1. 1. Mary Winter
  2. 2. The Lonely Crowd Fades In The Air
  3. 3. Future Ruins
  4. 4. Theeascending
  5. 5. Drone Lover
  6. 6. Spiked Flower
  7. 7. Everybody’s Going Somewhere And No-One’s Going Anywhere
  8. 8. Golden Remedy
  9. 9. Good Times Are So Hard To Follow
  10. 10. Radio-Silent