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Swamp Dogg
Total Destruction To Your Mind (reissue)

Swamp Dogg - Total Destruction To Your Mind (reissue)

Maverick soul artist Swamp Dogg (aka Jerry Williams) has been described as the 'soul genius that time forgot,' and 'a strange combination of Sly Stone's progressive funk with Frank Zappa's lyrical absurdism.'

This is the re-mastered reissue (available on both CD Digipack & Gatefold Vinyl) of Total Destruction To Your Mind (1970), an album that has been called 'one of the most gloriously gonzo soul recordings of all time.'

TAGS: Funk | R&B | Reissue | Soul

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"Total Destruction To Your Mind"


  1. 1. Total Destruction To Your Mind
  2. 2. Synthetic World
  3. 3. Dust Your Head Color Red
  4. 4. Redneck
  5. 5. If I Die Tomorrow (I've Lived Tonight)
  6. 6. I Was Born Blue
  7. 7. Sal-A-Faster
  8. 8. The World Beyond
  9. 9. These Are Not My People
  10. 10. Everything You'll Ever Need
  11. 11. The Baby Is Mine
  12. 12. Mama's Baby, Daddy's Maybe

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 13
    Toronto, ON, Canada Swamp Dogg at The Rec Room
  • Jun 14
    New York, NY, US Swamp Dogg at Le Poisson Rouge
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